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Casting directors remain the only job in the opening titles that doesn’t have its own Oscar category, but there’s reason to believe that will change. 15 Casting Directors were asked to write about the best cast films of the year for Indiewire. “What is an authentic performance? Simple, right – it is a performance that we […]

November Rising

  A scene from “Human Flow” Ai’s Weiwei’s documentary about the global refugee and migrant crisis. The Fall season has been filled with climate disaster, political doom here and abroad, cries of terrorism, crazy acts of violence, fears of deportations, and every other day there is a new charge of sexual harassment and strife in Hollywood. Serious stuff is […]

Genie is Back for the Summer

School is almost out and Genie is back for the summer.  With the Fall season set and the lineups announced  Genie is reporting on what’s casting and who’s who in Hollywood.  Don’t forget, every day we will feature your favorite actor’s giving advice and insight in Today’s Take.Take the summer to do your best research and try and build […]


IndieWire asked 13 of the top casting directors to nominate films worthy of casting recognition this year. Heidi Levitt wrote about Asghar Farhadi’s film “The Salesman,” in lieu of global casting, even though “Moonlight,” is close to her heart. Casting Directors have a strange distinction in the awards world: Their guild has an Academy branch, but […]